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Jules & Gabe here! Right before Christmas we started a a successful non-profit campaign (SendTrumpPussy) and we’re happy to say announce that we’ve started a new non-profit campaign shedding light on the opposition great organizations are facing – Planned Parenthood, UNICEF, and ACLU are all being targeted by Trumps new regime. Due to their misinformed attacks on UNICEF, ACLU, and PP and his insinuation that they aren’t providing relevant assistance to international communities specifically sustainable healthcare, water, and sanitation services to underprivileged children we’ve decided to raise awareness for their causes.

This vital work and more depends on your support. Make a donation today — help us fight back!

With love, Jules & Gabe..

Is this legitimate?
Yes! We were featured on The Huffington Post, TeenVogue, and Bustle.
In fact, 50% of our proceeds will be donated to ACLU, UNICEF, or Planned Parenthood!

Why Boxes of Shit?
Why not? It’s the job they’ve done.

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How does it work?
Once you’ve completed your order it will be sent anonymously to the politician of your choosing

When will they receive my order?
We’re shipping orders same day, so they usually arrive within a week!

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